Allied Health Professionals mandate for change is shaping up

NHS England’s Chief Allied Health Professions Officer thanks those who have contributed to this first stage of shaping the mandate for change and explains next steps.

It is now a full month since the launch of an important online workshop.

A platform to engage with Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) across England to co-create a vision of how, with collective action, our nation will be different if all AHPs were used effectively in the health, social and wider care system.

A total of 1,360 people posted ideas, comments and votes, discussing defining and realising the collective potential of AHPs to transform future care delivery in England. There was a surge of activity on the last day, Friday 6 May.

Over 10,000 ideas, comments and votes were generated:

Defining our potential:

How will England be different if all AHPs were genuinely used effectively?

84 Ideas | 294 Comments | 3029 Votes

Realising our potential – a national approach:

What do you think AHPs need to stop, start or do differently to ensure they are ‘used’ effectively to help transform health and wellbeing in England (please say why and how)?

204 Ideas | 613 Comments | 5016 Votes

Sharing and celebrating our success to date:

We know AHPs are already pioneering great examples of service delivery. Could you share your success stories and their evidence of impact?

81 Ideas | 90 Comments | 772 Votes

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to offer their thoughts, insights and intelligence.  I would also like to thank the professional bodies and AHP audiences who have helped promote the opportunity to their memberships.

The data is currently being analysed and the results will be presented at the Chief Allied Health Professions Officers Conference on the 23 June. Also on that date, the online platform will re-open and key stakeholders will be invited to take part. This will include service users, carers and the public.

If you have key contacts who you would like to be invited at this time then please contact Joanne Fillingham, Clinical Fellow to the CAHPO,

The programme of work will complete in October 2016 when the publication will be launched.

Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England

Suzanne Rastrick has been NHS England’s Chief Allied Health Professions Officer since September 2014.

Her pivotal role includes taking the lead in developing the vital contribution from the 12 allied health professions (AHPs) to further improve the commissioning and services provided by AHPs to achieve better outcomes for patients after illness and injury.

She works alongside colleagues both within and outside of NHS England, as the senior adviser to the Department of Health on AHP matters, as well as representing England’s health professionals on the international stage.

Suzanne qualified as an Occupational Therapist (OT) from Oxford in 1986 and began her career in the acute hospital sector.

She was one of the first allied health professionals (AHPs) to hold a substantive Director of Nursing post. She has also been Chief Executive of a Primary Care Trust Cluster, and has a Non-Executive portfolio in the commercial and not for profit Housing Sector and sits on a number of national groups.

Since 2013, she has played a prominent role in clinical commissioning, as Interim Chief Executive of NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group during its shadow form, followed by Director of Quality.

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