National marketing campaign partnerships

How our campaign partners help support the NHS and improve health outcomes for everybody

We’re proud to work with a range of partners to help increase the reach and impact of our national health campaigns.

From saving lives by encouraging people to come forward with cancer concerns or helping people to access support with their mental health, through to helping the NHS to recruit the workforce of the future, all of our campaign partners play a key role in helping us make a difference and amplifying important messages.

If you are interested in partnering with NHS campaigns, please email us and help make a difference.

Our Campaigns

Help us, help you

Reads: Your health matters, help us help you

The ‘help us, help you’ campaigns respond to the impact of Covid-19 on NHS services and work to ensure that people know how and when to access services. The various Help Us Help You campaign strands are designed to reassure the public that the NHS is here for us all and wants to see you when you need help.

The campaign strands evolve depending on greatest need and possible impact in any calendar year. We have a range of focuses, including but not limited to:

  • Using NHS 111 first when people have urgent, but non-life-threatening medical needs
  • Accessing mental health services such as the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme
  • Raising awareness of cancer symptoms and encouraging early presentation leading to earlier diagnosis and improved outcomes for patients
  • Increasing the understanding of heart attack symptoms and encouraging people to call 999 when symptoms appear

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We are the NHS

Reads: we are the nhs

Running since 2018, ‘we are the NHS’ is the annual workforce campaign from NHS England and NHS Improvement, delivered in partnership with Health Education England. The campaign aims to increase positive perceptions of, and pride in, working for the NHS, driving consideration of a healthcare career across a diverse range of roles.

The future of England’s health and social care system relies on its people and the campaign aims to motivate young people and career switchers alike to embark on their journey to undertake a rewarding career in the NHS.

Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and healthcare support workers are central to delivering world class healthcare in the NHS. The campaign works with partners to celebrate those currently working across more than 350+ NHS careers and shine a light on the incredible work that they do. In doing so they inspire others to begin the training required to start their own career in the NHS.

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Help us, help you – campaign Partners

Bowls England

Bowls England and the NHS are working together to reach 100,000 members across 2,000 clubs nationwide, signposting to the NHS for health concerns like heart attacks and mental health issues.

National Housing Federation

The National Housing Federation shares campaign assets and information with its housing association members who provide homes for around six million people.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch featured campaign messaging in newsletters to encourage their 2.3million+ members to take better care of their mental health.

Royal Mail

Working together to raise awareness amongst 137,000 Royal Mail staff across areas such as mental health and reminding the workforce what support is available.

Together TV

The TV broadcaster inspiring positive change provided free advertising space and promotion to support with the launch of the NHS’s mental health campaign.


Working with the NHS to raise awareness amongst 12,000 Yodel employees of heart attacks and mental health concerns and signposting to the NHS support available.

We are the NHS – campaign partners

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have developed a range of inspiring videos, webinars, articles and job profiles for their Careers site and social media channels.


Bloss have produced social media content, articles and Instagram Live Q&As, to showcase how fulfilling and flexible roles in the NHS can be.

Complete University Guide

Complete University Guide worked with the NHS to build out subject guides, create Complete University Guide job profiles and produce video content related to core NHS careers.

Headspace for NHS

Headspace created bespoke video content with an expert mindfulness teacher answering questions from NHS employees and delivering a bespoke guided meditation.


Promote NHS roles through the Imployable app and inspiring individuals into meaningful employment.

Talented Ladies Club

Talented Ladies Club have created content featuring NHS professionals for their users providing an insight into NHS roles as well as practical career tips and guidance.

What Uni

What Uni created new university subject guides and developed case study videos to showcase what a role with the NHS entails.