General practice

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS): Authorisation of prescribers to enable EPS Release 2

From 1 April 2013 NHS England is responsible for authorising prescribing contractors to use the Electronic Prescription Service. This responsibility is included in paragraph 39A of Schedule 6 of the GMS Contract Regulations. NHS England hereby authorise the following sites to use the Electronic Prescription Service. All prescribing sites that are already using EPS Release […]

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GP IT services: Operating model published

On 3 April 2014 NHS England published Securing Excellence in GP IT Services: Operating model for 2014-16 an updated operating model to ‘Securing Excellence in GP IT Services’. The updated document sets out plans for how more than £230million in funding will be used to ensure all GP practices across England have high quality IT systems. […]

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Changes to the GP contract for 2013-14

The Department of Health has this week published a letter from Dame Barbara Hakin in her role as National Managing Director of Commissioning Development for the Department. The letter is to chief executives of primary care trusts and strategic health authorities and sets out proposed changes to the general medical services (GMS) contract for 2013/2014. […]

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