Wheelchair services

NHS to offer thousands more people a greater choice of care, with more control for wheelchair users over their provision

NHS England today sets out action to help people manage their own health by giving them more choice and control about the personal care they receive. Three key schemes will be announced at the NHS England Personal Health Budget conference: Personal Health Budgets will replace the current wheelchair voucher scheme as part of efforts to […]

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My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life: Join the conversation

My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life is a programme of work to transform wheelchair services for users and their families. For people with complex, long term conditions, being able to access the right wheelchair, quickly, and with appropriate support, is of paramount importance. Although there are plenty of examples of good practice around the country, […]

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Improving wheelchair services

Wheelchairs enable many people to live fuller lives, yet the wheelchairs services provided by the NHS often fall short of meeting the needs of wheelchair users.  In an attempt to redress that, NHS England is working with others to improve the way in which they can support all wheelchair users. Sir David Nicholson made it […]

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