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NHS England has eight directorates and four regional teams. It acts as a single organisation operating with one Board. Not all parts of NHS England hold personal data or identifiable patient information. Those that do include:

Nursing Directorate

The Nursing Directorate is responsible for developing a strategic approach to ensuring people have a positive experience of care and treatment and that people are cared for in a safe environment.

The directorate holds contact details for individuals and correspondence who have taken part in surveys.

Operations Directorate

The Operations Directorate is split into two main work areas: Operations and Delivery and Commissioning.

The Operations and Delivery National Support Team is responsible developing an annual planning framework and ensuring that all NHS commissioning bodies develop plans in that context. The team is also responsible for Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response

The Direct Commissioning National Support Team is responsible for several key pieces of work within direct commissioning including:

These services are commissioned locally by the Area Teams of NHS England. In carrying out its role there may be instances where this directorate uses personal information for the benefit of its services.

Patients and Information Directorate

The Patients and Information Directorate ensures that the NHS in England is open, responsive and transparent by giving patients, carers, public, and those who serve them, the information and support they need to make the best possible decisions.

The Patient and Information directorate commissions a number of programme that involve personal data but do not provide access to identifiable patient information to NHS England. For example, many involve patient feedback processes.

The programmes this directorate are involved include:

Care Connect

NHS England commissions Care Connect – a new initiative designed to give patients a say in the delivery of NHS services in England. The service is part of the government’s commitment to ensuring the NHS is accountable to its customers.

Patients can share your experience, ask a question or report a Problem.

View more information about Care Connect and how they how they use and protect personal data.


NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) are joint data controllers for care.data. The aim of care.data is to ensure that the best possible evidence is available to improve the quality of care for all.

NHS England direct the Health & Social Care Information Centre to collect and process personal data for this programme.

NHS England does not have access to any identifiable patient information collected as part of the care.data programme. For example, only the HSCIC would be able to respond to any subject access requests.

Further information on Care.Data, along with some frequently asked questions, can be found on NHS England care.data page.

Policy Directorate

The Policy Directorate is responsible for the Customer Contact Centre and has a contract with the HSCIC to provide a call logging system.

This directorate uses identifiable personal information to investigate legal, complaints and information requests.

Human Resources Directorate