Clinicians considering a return to the NHS

Medical Support Workers

We are prioritising £15 million of national funding to trusts to provide additional clinical support for the short-term recruitment (until March 2021) of up to 1,000 doctors as Medical Support Workers (MSW).

The MSW role is suitable for those who have a medical qualification but have been out of clinical practice for over a year and need to work under clinical supervision. It is also suitable for those who do not yet have GMC registration e.g. international medical graduates or refugee doctors currently living in the UK.

Find out more about the Medical Support Worker role.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our COVID-19 efforts.

We have had an amazing response since our Bringing Back Staff (BBS) programme started at the end of March 2020. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has stepped forward to help.

Each person has offered a unique range of skills and experiences. We have worked carefully with all those who have offered their help to try and match individual preferences with health and social care needs. While in some instances this has not yet been possible, a significant number continue to provide valuable support to health and social care, locally in frontline acute such as medical support workers (see above for more details) and other settings, as COVID-19 vaccinators, and through national programmes like continuing health care and clinical trials.

If you are a former doctor, nurse, midwife, allied health professional, pharmacist, pharmacy technician or other healthcare worker who has not already applied through our Bringing Back Staff programme but would like to be contacted about future opportunities should they arise, please register your interest.

If you have come forward to support the vaccination programme and not yet been assigned, please bear in mind that this is a long-term programme and local NHS organisations will be continuing to bring people on board. For now, you do not need to do anything further.

If you have previously applied through our Bringing Back Staff programme and have any queries, please email

Former GPs

If you are a GP returner interested in returning to PCN or general practice work please contact

Find out more about the COVID-19 vaccination team, including Frequently Asked Questions.