Step 4 – Share your impact with others

Watch our animation Impact Framework Step 4: Share your impact with others.

An ‘Impact Story’ is where we bring together your ‘articulation of change’ from Step 1 and information from the evidence reviews in Step 3, to tell the story of your large scale programme.

There is no pre-defined format, this will depend on your programme and the audience you are communicating with, but there are some things to bear in mind.

  • It should include a rich range of evidence, which relate back to the activities, outputs and goals of your ‘articulation of change’
  • There should be ‘no narrative free data’ – this is not a dashboard or performance report. Use charts and infographics where data illustrates or supports or explains the story.
  • There is no one absolute measure of value – focus on creating a ‘good enough’ account of value at a point in time.
  • Don’t dismiss the elements of value that are harder to capture.
  • Keep it simple and transparent.
  • Focus on learning, not just accountability.
  • Reflect the most significant changes as reported by people on the ground.

Impact in the real world

  • NHS England colleagues in the South West used the Impact Framework and wrote an Impact Story to demonstrate the impact of complex rehabilitation case management. This was used to secure funding for posts.

Download the Impact Framework How To Guide here: Impact Framework How to Guide – AnalystX – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform