Please find below a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding our events and conferences.

If you cannot find an answer to your query below please get in touch with our events team.

Booking onto NHS England events

How do I find an event?

Just go to our upcoming events page and find an event that you’re interested in.

How do I book an event?

  1. Find the event you wish to attend, select ‘Register’ from the tabs on the left of the page
  2. Complete all mandatory fields and select ‘Proceed’
  3. Double check your registration details – if correct select ‘Complete registration’ OR edit your details before completing
  4. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after registering.

How much do events cost to attend?

All NHS England events are free to attend, unless otherwise stated.

How do I amend/cancel my booking?

You can amend/cancel your booking in two ways:

  1. Find your confirmation email and use your personal amendment link OR
  2. Find the event you wish to cancel, select ‘Amend’ from the tabs on the left of the page and follow the on screen instructions. If you have forgotten your email address or password you will need to select ‘Request login details’.

Please note if you made a booking before April 1 2016 you will need to email the event organiser (these details can be found on the event page).

How do I book on behalf of others?

Booking for someone else is the same as booking for yourself; however you will need to enter the details of the person you wish to book for.

Follow these steps to book on behalf of someone else:

  1. Find the event they wish to attend, select ‘Register’ from the tabs on the left of the page
  2. Complete all mandatory fields with their details and email address and select ‘Proceed’
  3. Double check the registration details are correct – select ‘Complete registration’ OR edit your details before completing.

How do I reset my password?

Anyone who has previously used the NHS England events registration system will have automatically created an account attached to that email address. You will be asked for a password every time you register with the email address associated with your account.

If you do not know the password associated with your account, when registering for an event you should enter your email address on the register section as normal. When it asks for your password, click ‘you can: register for this event’. You will then receive an email that contains a direct link to register for the event. You need to click the link in the email that says ‘click here to register for the event’ – this will book you a place at the event.

Disclaimer – we do not send out passwords due to security reasons. We are in the process of setting up password resets for users rather than the current process. Until then you will need to follow the above instructions for requesting log in details for any event you wish to attend.

How do I know if there are still places left?

Our online booking system is linked directly to our database so when bookings reach a certain level, the system will not allow you to register.

How do I contact the event organiser?

The name, email address and telephone number of the event organiser can be found on each event page, under ‘Contact information’.

If you have any questions about an event, they will be able to help you further.

How do I make my requirements and preferences clear?

When you go through the registration process, you are able to select your requirements (access, induction loop etc.) and any dietary needs, these will be saved and auto populate the next time you register for an event.

You can update your requirements for different events as required.

Contacting the NHS England events team

How do I contact the events team?

You can either email the events team at england.nhsevents@nhs.net or call Jessica on 0113 825 1837.

NHS England at conferences and exhibitions

How do I find out more about where NHS England will be exhibiting?

You can see all the events we are exhibiting at in 2017 on our meet NHS England page. Information about what we are doing and how you can get involved at each event will be updated regularly

How do I keep up to date with the latest activity and news from NHS England events?

Our @NHSEnglandEvent twitter account regularly posts news, information and updates on our events and activities. You can follow the account to find out more, ask your questions and keep up to date.

How do I access resources from your past events?

We update our events highlights page with links to our past events, including our activity and any photographs and resources. If you have been to an event recently and would like any extra information, please contact the event organisers directly or the NHS England events team.