Eye Health Summit

In the light of the growing demand for hospital eye services, NHS England hosted its first interactive Eye Health Summit on 7 June 2016, bringing commissioners and ophthalmic professionals together.

The presentations highlight some of the innovative solutions that are being introduced and give commissioners a range of options in addressing both current and future demand pressures.


  1. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists – Glaucoma risk based pathway & effective working
  2. Capacity in AMD (retinal)
  3. NHSE Demand and Capacity event
  4. Strategic Approach to commissioning for eye health
  5. Primary Care solutions  – the role of community optometry
  6. Indicators and outcomes framework – relevance to patients and commissioners
  7. Ophthalmology services – current position and pressures – the route to solutions
  8. News ways of working:  the way forward project 2015 – 2035
  9. Common competencies – training for the job to be done
  10. What are our commissioning aims
  11. Immediate solutions to address demand and capacity issues in the hospital eye service
  12. The role of Vanguards  Better Care Together
  13. Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group – solutions – what works well?