Expo 2019 App

Download the Expo 2019 app free from the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore, or access it as an online application.

All approved speaker presentations are available to download from the app.

How to download and access the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019 Event App:

  • Uninstall any existing Health and Care Innovation Expo apps from your device
  • On your Apple device click here to access the app store
  • On your Android device click here to access the Google Play Store
  • For all other devices please use the web app available here
  • Once downloaded, tap on the icon to open the app
  • Please click yes to accept push notifications for this app as we will be using these to keep you informed of important updates
  • Once the app has opened, go to the ‘search’ tab and enter the meeting ID: Expo2019
  • Hit the search button to search for this app (note that hitting return on your keyboard will not search for the app)
  • Once the app appears, hit the ‘+’ Icon
  • Once downloaded hit the event logo to enter the app
  • Create your own password by tapping on the “First time user” text below the login fields
  • Enter your email address, this must match the email address you have registered with
  • If the email address matches, you will be sent an email to define your password
  • Once you have completed this process for the first time, you will then be able to login using your username and password as normal
The minimum mobile requirements are:
  • iPhone 5s is the oldest supported model and iOS 10.1 the oldest supported operating system
  • Android “Kitkat” 4.4.0  (2014) is the oldest browser supported on Android phones
  • Windows phones or Blackberries should use the WebApp provided

Download our full Expo 2019 App Help Guide to help you navigate the official event app.