Schools resources

The links to resources here are provided to help schools that would like to deliver lessons and activities around NHS Services, health and wellbeing. Resources are from NHS England, NHS Improvement, Health Education England and Public Health England as well as links to information for teachers from Young Minds.

Knowing your NHS: NHS England and NHS Improvement have produced an activity plan for teachers, educators and NHS health professionals to help young people understand NHS services and the appropriate ways to access them. The lesson is for Key Stage 3 pupils (11-14 year olds), but teachers are encouraged to adapt the content for their classes and other year groups.

Young people will learn more about a variety of NHS services available to them in their local area. They will discuss any experiences they’ve had of the various NHS services. This may have been accessing for health information; self-care or first aid; visiting a pharmacy, GP practice or dentist; calling NHS 111, going to an Urgent Treatment Centre (or other similar services), accident and emergency (A&E) or dialling 999.

Step into the NHS: Health Education England’s initiative for Schools called ‘Step into the NHS’ is a service specifically for young people dedicated to providing help and information for those interested in working in the NHS and other health employers in any one of the over 350 careers on offer.  There are resources for teachers that help deliver information about what it is really like to work in health, how to get started in a career in the NHS or on the training and study needed to qualify for different jobs.

Change 4 Life: Change4Life is Public Health England’s response to the rise in obesity. Its consumer campaigns encourage families with children aged 3-11 to eat well, move more, and live longer. The Change4Life teaching resourcesinclude curriculum-linked lesson plans, pupil-led campaigns, whole-school activities, and information designed to help you teach children to eat healthily and move more.

Rise AboveRise Above is a campaign and website from Public Health England created to improve the resilience of young people and delay or prevent them exploring risky behaviours like smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs. The Rise Above lesson plans are curriculum linked and have been accredited by the PSHE Association.

The aim is to support teachers in delivering lessons to engage young people on a variety of key health issues, including bullying and cyberbullying, online stress, and exam stress.

The lesson plans are designed to help teachers encourage discussion among students on a range of sensitive issues – perhaps on topics they may not be very familiar with or find challenging to broach in the classroom. Further lesson plans will become available later this academic year.

Young Minds: Young minds are the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. The charity have produced resources and materials for teachers and school staff to build their skills and make mental health and wellbeing a core, rewarding part of their job.

NHS Youth Forum: Giving young people a say on health services: NHS England has a Youth Forum, made up of 25 young people from all over the country, who have a passion for improving health services for young people.  The Youth Forum gives a voice to young people to express their thoughts on the health issues that matter most to them. It works directly with NHS England, Public Health England and Department of Health enabling the Forum to have a real impact on the health services that young people use.

The NHS Youth Forum has developed a series of ‘your rights’ posters to help young people understand their healthcare rights around issues such as consent and confidentiality.