Key documents for Integrated Care Systems

NHS England has set out the next steps for the development of integrated care systems (ICSs) as legislation begins its passage through Parliament.

The Integrated Care Systems Design Framework is the first in a suite of guidance and resources to help systems over the coming months which will be published on this page.

For all documents needed on ICS guidance and ICS implementation, please see the FutureNHS workspace (this platform requires a log in) which hosts all the key documents for systems.

Integrated care partnerships: engagement summary

NHS England and NHS Improvement, alongside the Local Government Association and the Department of Health and Social Care, recently published a document  summarising the findings of joint engagement on the vision for integrated care partnerships (ICPs), published in September 2021. ICPs are a critical part of integrated care systems, jointly convened by local authorities and the NHS, and the document outlines key ways in which they will support the health and care of their populations.

Integrated care partnership engagement document: integrated care system implementation

This engagement document has been drafted trilaterally by the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and the Local Government Association. It sets out our expectations for the role of integrated care partnerships (ICPs) within integrated care systems. It is designed to support local authorities, integrated care boards and other key stakeholders to consider what arrangements might work best in their area when laying the foundations for establishing ICPs.

Thriving places: guidance on the development of place-based partnerships as part of statutory integrated care systems

This co-produced NHS England and NHS Improvement and Local Government Association (LGA) document seeks to support all partner organisations in integrated care systems (ICSs) to collectively define their place-based partnership working, and to consider how they will evolve to support the transition to the new statutory ICS arrangements, anticipated from July 2022.

ICS implementation guidance on working with people and communities

The ICS Design Framework sets the expectation that partners in an integrated care system (ICS) should agree how to listen consistently to, and collectively act on, the experience and aspirations of local people and communities. This guidance sets out 10 principles for how integrated care boards (ICBs) can develop their approaches to working with people and communities, and the expectations.

ICS implementation guidance on effective clinical and care professional leadership

This guidance supports the development of distributed clinical and care professional leadership across integrated care systems (ICSs). It describes ‘what good looks like’ in this regard, based on an extensive engagement exercise involving over 2,000 clinical and care professional leaders from across the country, led by a multi-professional steering group.

ICS implementation guidance on partnerships with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

This guidance provides more detail on how to embed voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector partnerships in ICSs, for health and care leaders from all organisations in ICSs that are developing partnerships across local government, health, housing, social care and the VCSE sector. The ICS Design Framework sets the expectation that integrated care board (ICB) governance and decision-making arrangements support close working with the VCSE sector as a strategic partner in shaping, improving and delivering services, and developing and delivering plans to tackle the wider determinants of health.

Integrated Care Systems Design Framework

The Integrated Care Systems Design Framework has been published to support the ongoing progression and development of ICSs. The document sets out the headlines for how we will ask NHS leaders and organisations to operate with their partners in ICSs from July 2022. All subject to legislation, it will help ICSs as they put in place the practical steps to prepare for their new functions that we expect to be enabled by legislation in this Parliamentary session. In the drafting of this framework NHS England and NHS Improvement talked to a wide range of stakeholders including those representing patient voices, clinical and professional leaders, local government and many more.

Working together at scale: Guidance on Provider Collaboratives

The ICS Design Framework set an expectation that provider collaboratives will be a key component in enabling ICSs to deliver their core purpose. This guidance outlines minimum expectations for how providers should work together in provider collaboratives, offering principles to support local decision-making and suggesting the function and form that systems and providers may wish to consider.

HR framework for developing integrated care boards

The HR framework provides national policy ambition and practical support for NHS organisations affected by the proposed legislative changes as they develop and transition towards the new statutory integrated care boards.

Building strong integrated care systems everywhere: guidance on the ICS people function

The guidance builds on the priorities set out in the People Plan. It is intended to help NHS system leaders and their partners support their ‘one workforce’ by delivering key outcome-based people functions from July 2022.