Apply for a licence as an independent provider

The guidance contained on this page relates to independent providers only. You should read the Licensing application guidance: for independent providers before starting the online application form.

Online application

There are two stages to the online application process:

  1. Pre-authenticate your application

Access the online application form.

Enter your CQC provider ID number and confirm your provider’s:

  • name
  • registered address and contact details
  • company/charity registration number
  • legal status
  • correspondence details of a contact person for the application

If you provide commissioner requested services, you will need to supply additional information at this stage.

Our licensing team will then send you a PIN and passcode.

Once you have received your passcode and PIN, enter these and your CQC provider ID to authenticate your account.

You can then set up a username and password to access the whole application form.

  1. Complete and submit your application form

You will need to complete and submit the application form, using the Licensing application guidance: for independent providers to help you.

You will normally get a decision on your application within 20 working days of submitting it, unless queries or concerns are raised.

Applying for CQC registration and an NHS provider licence at the same time

You can save time by applying for your CQC registration and your NHS provider licence through a single application form.

The streamlined process is only for organisations applying as a new service provider for both the registration and licence.

Do not use this route if you are:

  • already registered with the CQC
  • a partnership or an individual
  • exempt from needing an NHS provider licence

You can find guidance on the joint application process and an application form on the CQC website.

Application fees

There is currently no fee for applying for or maintaining an NHS provider licence.

Once you are licensed

If you hold a licence, you can log on to the licensing portal to:

    • view your licence
    • manage your user accounts

Contact us

For enquiries relating to the licence application process, please contact our licensing team at

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