Palliative and End of Life Care

Overarching aim: To provide strategic leadership and expert clinical support to commissioners and providers around end of life care in London. The network will deliver on a number of local priorities, as well support the national end of life care strategy, the Long Term Plan and the London Vision.

Key contacts

  • Clinical Director: Dr Caroline Stirling, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Camden, Islington ELiPSe and UCLH & HCA Palliative Care Service, CNWL Clinical Lead, Last Phase of Life Programme, North London Partners
  • Clinical Lead: Dr Lyndsey Williams, Macmillam GP Brent EOL, Clinical Director Brent CCG
  • Programme Lead for Dementia and EOLC Clinical Networks: Laura Cook
  • Senior Clinical Project Manager: Lucy Nelson (
  • Project Manager: Funmi Bisi-Adewole (

Clinical Leadership Group (CLG)

Learn more about the End of Life Care Clinical Leadership Group and download CLG resources on the End of Life Care CLG page.


Download resources from the End of Life Care Clinical Network through our publications page.


  • The NHS will personalise care to improve end of life care
  • Early identification of people who may be in their last year of life
  • Improving end of life care in care homes
  • Increasing the number of advanced care plans for patients in their last year of life using the coordinate my care (CMC) electronic shared record platform.
  • The NHS will expand community health teams to provide fast support to people in their own homes as an alternative to hospitalisation

End of Life Care (EOLC) has been recognised as a London priority with the publication of the London vision strategy. While end of life care appears to be improving nationally, London faces a number of unique challenges from a higher than average number of patients dying in hospital, to inequality of service provision by borough or locality.

All Age Pan-London Specialist Palliative Care Referral Form

The London Palliative & End of Life Care programme is an all-age programme supporting patients in need of individualised high quality palliative and end of life care in all settings.

Two adult (originally developed by the RMPartners Palliative Care Group), as well as several children and young people’s Specialist Palliative Care referral forms are currently in use.

A new single all age pan-London Specialist Palliative Care referral form has been developed by a Task and Finish group led by the London Palliative & End of Life Care Strategic Clinical Network and approved for use by the London Clinical Advisory Group.

This form replaces all existing specialist palliative care referral forms and should be used by health care professionals to refer a patient for either community specialist palliative care and/or SPC Inpatient Units (whether in hospice or hospital units).

The form is available both in PDF writable or Word format.

Please email completed form to the specific service required (contact details are at end of form). All Age Pan-London Specialist Palliative Care Referral Forms in PDF writable or Word format.

Please contact