Helping to reduce serious youth violence by teaching life-saving skills to young people in the community


The NHS London Violence Reduction Programme is supporting YourStance to recruit a volunteer network of healthcare professionals to teach haemorrhage control and basic life support skills to young Londoners to help tackle serious youth violence in local communities across the capital.

The sessions teach fundamental life skills so that, if the worst happens, a young person might know how to save someone in an emergency. The sessions are also designed to inspire young people to consider a career in healthcare and take a proactive, positive role in looking after the health of their peers.

Youth violence is a big issue across London, and the reduction and impact of the prevalence of violence across our capital is one of the ten priorities of the health and care vision for London to be the healthiest global city.

By volunteering their time to help teach basic life support, CPR and haemorrhage control skills to young people, qualified medical professionals can make a real difference to communities across the city. By engaging with young people from different backgrounds and with different lived experiences, the training serves a dual purpose of supporting the NHS health inequalities agenda whilst also helping young people know what to do in an emergency situation.

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