NHS London Core Managers Programme

Inclusive leadership in health and care – online course

NHS England – London has launched the first course in the Core Managers Training Programme series to provide free inclusive leadership training for all health and social care supervisors and managers in London, and beyond.

The online training programme has been developed on the back of recommendation 8 of the London Workforce Race Strategy. The first six-week course in the series, which focuses on inclusive and compassionate leadership, is now open for registration and will help managers and supervisors to develop the skills needed to improve diversity and equality in health and care.

The online training will help you to develop the leadership skills needed to improve diversity and equality in health and care. From gaining an understanding of core equality and diversity policies to putting theory into practice, you’ll learn the impact that racism, privilege, intersectionality and allyship have in the workplace. You will also get to reflect on how your work experiences have shaped your own attitudes, identify staff and groups who need support, and design policies that allow you to lead inclusively.

The online course is flexible, so you can learn at your own pace. We strongly encourage all managers and supervisors who work in health and social care to take up this great opportunity, which is part of the driving force to make equality a reality for health and social care staff in London and beyond.

Register for the free programme on the NHS London Leadership Academy website today.

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