Since the Health and Social Care Act 2012, NHS England is responsible for the routine commissioning of national screening and immunisation programmes under the terms of the Section 7a agreement.  This Act introduced changed roles for commissioners of immunisations, the detail of which is outlined in the Immunisation & Screening National Delivery Framework & Local Operating Model.

In London, commissioning of the 18 Section 7a immunisation programmes is done by the NHS England (London) immunisation commissioning team.  This team comprises of Public Health England and NHS England staff who work together to improve the uptake and quality of commissioned vaccination services in London.  These services are provided through general practice, school aged vaccination teams, pharmacies, maternity services and some outreach services.

Up-to-date information on vaccinations is provided by the team to all general practices through the monthly GP Bulletin.  We also have a London Immunisation Update from April 2018.  If you are a health professional and would like to subscribe to this update, please contact  We recommend that you also subscribe to Vaccine Update.

If you are an immunisation service provider and you would like to report a vaccine incident, please contact us on .

For all other queries, including payments, please contact us on

If you are a member of the public or a vaccination provider and you have a clinical query about a vaccine please contact your local London Health Protection Team through

Useful Links for Vaccinators

If you have newly registered patients and you’re not sure about their vaccination status, please use the PHE algorithm for people with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status, which can be found at

For clinical queries, please look at the Green Book at

For training information, free immunisation promotional materials and general information on the Section 7a programmes, please see

We also have guidance for general practice on dealing with missed or incomplete adolescent vaccinations that are offered in schools.  Please click here

NHSE has guidance on how to claim through CQRS and a FAQs sheet. For NHSE (London)’s advice for vaccine payments outside Section 7a programmes, please click here.

For NHSE (London)’s Section 7a Hepatitis B programme protocol, please click here. All Dried Blood Tests (DBS) for the 12 month blood test can be ordered from

For the latest version of London’s BCG Protocol, please contact

NHSE (London) have produced a list of codes to help with the recording of childhood immunisation vaccinations, please click here for details.

Parent invite and reminder systems (call/recall) are the most effective way to improve uptake of childhood immunisations.  We have developed best practice guidance to help our London based general practices.  A Good Practice- Immunisation Invite Reminder Poster version is also available.

For more information about school-aged vaccinations for adolescents:

Shingles vaccine toolkit

The shingles vaccination programme provides a free vaccine that is offered to those who are currently 70 or 78 years old as well as those previously eligible but who missed the immunisation, e.g. anyone in their 70s born after 1 September 1942.  Patients remain eligible for the vaccination until their 80th birthday.

We are pleased to present a toolkit that provides practical information to help Practices identify eligible patients and invite them for their vaccination. The guide offers information on conducting searches, working out eligibility, claiming payments and suggests ways in which Practices can reach out to their patients e.g. through coffee mornings.

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) for Vaccines

Public Health England develop and publish Patient Group Directions (PGDs) for vaccination service providers which NHS England (London Region) is required to authorize and publish.

As these are published, NHS England London Region will authorise them and then publish them on this website, and will replace any existing NHS England London Region PGDs. They will be identified as NHSE/PHE PGDs to differentiate them from those developed by NHS England London Region.

Not all vaccines included in the suite of individual vaccine PGDs may be commissioned from every service but these have been included for completeness.

The development and authorisation of these PGDs is supported by a PGD Policy.

The PGDS on this NHS England London Region’s webpage must only to be used by specified healthcare professionals in the London Region area working for providers that are either directly commissioned by NHS England London Region or who are administering vaccinations as part of a national immunisation programme.

Below are the current PGDs, if you have a query about older PGDs, please email

Document name Published
NHSE&I/PHE Inactivated Influenza PGD v07.00 July 2019
  NHSE&I/PHE LAIV PGD v08.00 July 2019
  NHSE&I PHE HPV PGD v03.00 July 2019
NHSE&I PHE PGD Rotavirus v4.00 June 2019
NHSE&I PHE PGD Men ACWY v0300 (002) June 2019
NHSE&I PHE PCV Risk Groups PGD v0300 May 2019
  NHSE&I PHE Hep B Renal PGD v0200 April 2019
  NHSE&I PHE Hep B PGD v0200 April 2019
NHSE PHE Shingles PGD v0800 March 2019
NHSE PHE Pertussis Pregnancy PGD v0400 March 2019
NHSE PHE MenB PGD v0400 February 2019
NHSE PHE Men B Risk Groups PGD v0200 February 2019
NHSE PHE MenACWY Risk Groups PGD v0200 February 2019
NHSE PHE PCV PGD v02.00 January 2019
NHSE PHE Hib Men C PGD At Risk v0200 October 2018
NHSE PHE HepAB vaccine Temp PGD v02.00 October 2018
  NHSE /PHE IM Influenza PGD v06.00 Addendum October 2018
NHSE PHE BCG Vaccine AJV PGD v01.00 October 2018
NHSE/PHE Hib Men C PGD v03.00 August 2018
NHSE PHE PPV PGD v0200 August 2018
NHSE/PHE Hep A Hep B vaccine PGD v01.00 June 2018
NHSE/PHE Hep A vaccine PGD v01.00 June 2018
NHSE/PHE HPV (MSM) PGD v01.00 May 2018
NHSE/PHE Hep A Typhoid PGD v01.00 March 2018
NHSE/PHE Typhoid Vi PGD v01.00 March 2018
NHSE/PHE PCV PGD Notice of Extension January 2018
NHSE/PHE MMR PGD v02.00 February 2018
NHSE/PHE DTaP IPV PGD v02.00 November 2017
NHSE/PHE Td IPV Revaxis PGD v02.00 October 2017
NHSE/PHE DTaP IPV Hib Booster PGD v01.00 August 2017
NHSE/PHE DTaP IPV Hib Hep B PGD v01.00 August 2017