Patient and public voice

Involving our patients and the public in improving London’s healthcare

We have all accessed NHS services at some point in our lives – as patients, parents, siblings, or carers; the NHS exists to help everyone get and stay well. Our patient and public voice team help us to see how we can improve London’s NHS. It’s not just about listening to ideas and suggestions; we need to act on them too, turn them into actions that will make a tangible difference to patients and staff, and will be delivered with compassion, understanding and respect. The NHS will be turn the strategic aims of the Long Term Plan into a reality and this report highlights how and where we have turned your words into actions. As we keep listening to our patient and public voices, this work will continue to help us create an NHS that we are all proud of.

We commissioned London Patient Voice to review independently how well we met our legal obligation to involve patients and the public in our work. Its latest report reviews our work in 2017/18 and found that the process of embedding PPV and the understanding of the benefits continued to improve throughout the organisation. It makes several recommendations on how we can further improve which we are working to implement.