iUEC recovery champions


Delivering the ambitions within the Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) recovery plan relies on our frontline staff and support teams across the integrated UEC (iUEC) pathway.

Five components from the ‘DNA’ of all evidence-based improvement methods underpin a systematic approach to improving patient care:

  1. Building a shared purpose and vision.
  2. Investing in people and culture.
  3. Developing leadership behaviours.
  4. Building improvement capability and capacity.
  5. Embedding improvement into management systems and processes.

In recognition of this, we want to create a community, close to the front line, who can help drive improvement.

Nominating your champions

Systems are asked to nominate iUEC recovery champions who will support system improvement, while also having the chance to develop their own skills through training and peer-to-peer networking.

We expect nominated champions from across the multidisciplinary team and encourage a diverse approach to selection. They should be in a position where they can contribute to iUEC recovery in their local system and have an enthusiasm, passion and commitment for improvement.

Staff members who may be interested in becoming an iUEC recovery champion may include:

  • Site managers
  • Matrons
  • UEC system leads
  • Nurses/Doctors/AHPs
  • Care support workers
  • Discharge leads

In return, iUEC Recovery Champions will be invited to attend online development sessions in key areas of improvement such as leading change, demand and capacity, learning from best practice and measurement for improvement.

We recommend having around 10 champions for smaller systems, while larger systems may want up to 20 champions. Systems are asked to designate an executive-level point of contact, who will serve as the primary liaison for the system.

Please send the names, job titles, email addresses and employing organisations of your nominated champions to england.uecassessment@nhs.net by 12pm on 21 July 2023.

Publication reference: PRN00585