Meeting of the Board of NHS England – agenda

Time/date: 16:15 27 July 2023
Location: Conference Aston Hotel: Room 1BC, Aston University, Aston Street, Birmingham B4 7ET

Welcome: Richard Meddings (item 1) – verbal update

Chair update: Richard Meddings (item 2) – verbal update

Chief Executive Officer update: Amanda Pritchard (item 3) – verbal update

NHS performance, demand and capacity

Planning and preparing for Winter: Sir David Sloman (item 5)view the board paper for this item

Creating the New NHS England

Addressing health inequalities in the NHS: NHS Race and Health Observatory and NHS England Health Inequality Programme – Chris Hopson, Dr Habib Naqvi, Dr Bola Owolabi (item 6)view the board paper for this item

NHS England Internal Freedom To Speak Up Annual Report: Tom Grimes, Richard Barker (item 7)view the board paper for this item

Transforming the NHS/Strategy and planning

Long Term Workforce Plan: Dr Navina Evans (item 8)

Governance and assurance

Directions and Mandatory Requests for Information: Jackie Gray (item 9)

Any other business and close: Richard Meddings