NHS Youth Forum and Youth Advisory Network recruitment pack

The NHS are looking for young people between 11 – 25 to help shape and influence healthcare services and decisions across England, helping to improve health for young people across the country.

What are the different groups?

NHS Youth Forum

The NHS Youth Forum is a delivery role where young people work in groups on projects about topics concerning young people within the NHS and wider health sector.

NHS Youth Advisory Network

The NHS Youth Advisory Network is a consultation role where policy makers and service providers will come to young people to ask for their opinions, feelings and feedback about services, resources and projects they are working on or providing.

Young Board Members

Young Board Members sit on the Children and Young People’s Board in a paid advisory role. Along with other Board members, they help decide how to improve services by sharing their experience and knowledge. These board members act as advocates and represent young people’s voices on a national level.

Which is right for me?

NHS Youth Forum

  • Age: 16 – 24
  • Term is post: 1 year
  • Monthly time commitment4 hours (1-2 hours fortnightly)
  • Regularity of meetingEvery other week
  • Method of engagementVirtual/in-person residentials
  • Type of voice and influenceDelivery
  • How to apply: Through Barnardo’s via this application form

NHS Youth Advisory Network

  • Age: 11 – 25
  • Term is post: Ongoing (we’ll ask you to opt back in each year)
  • Monthly time commitment: 1 hour per month – don’t worry if you can’t make every meeting. Just attend when you can.
  • Regularity of meeting: Monthly
  • Method of engagement: Virtual
  • Type of voice and influence: Consultation
  • How to applyThrough Barnardo’s via this application form

Young Board Members

  • Age: 13 – 23
  • Term is post: 2 years
  • Monthly time commitment: 4 hours min. This may increase dependant on additional opportunities. E.g. full day events
  • Regularity of meeting: Monthly
  • Method of engagement: Virtual/in-person
  • Type of voice and influence: Advisory role as paid colleagues
  • How to apply: Through NHS England

How to apply

NHS Youth Forum: through Barnardo’s via this application form

NHS Youth Advisory Network: through Barnardo’s via this application form

If you have any questions or would like a different way to apply, contact the team:

Deadline for Youth Forum applications: 4 March 2024
No deadline for Youth Advisory Network

Application deadlines

  • 8 Feb: Application form open
  • 19 Feb: Drop in
  • 26 Feb: Drop in
  • 18 – 25 March: Interviews
  • 28 March: Offer places