Clinical Network Business Plan (2019/20)

The East Midlands Maternity Clinical Network (EMMCN) work-programme sets out our key deliverables for 2019-20 which are:

  1. To continue supporting local transformation providing independent clinical oversight and a ‘critical friend’ perspective to LMS Boards (including cross-border working and establishing Maternal Medicine Networks)
  2. To support co-production of services through Maternity Voices Partnerships
  3. To ensure there is a continued focus on improving Safety and reducing variation by strengthening learning from incidents across the East Midlands
  4. To support implementation and delivery of the national Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle version 2 (including Smokefree Pregnancy & best practice on Pre-term Birth Clinics)
  5. To develop regional dashboard/s for benchmarking of local LMS data
  6. To maintain communication between national, regional and local teams acting as a conduit to share information and best practice

We will continue to support planning of events or forums, multi-professional working and showcasing best practice. We will also enhance our administrative processes and systems supporting the on-going project management of all deliverables as part of our core business.