Regional Talent Board – Aspire Together

The NHS recognises that it needs to adopt a more systematic and coordinated approach to managing its talent in order to successfully meet the challenges of the current and future economic and social context in which we operate.

The Lord Rose and Ed Smith reviews identified the lack of a clear and visible pipeline of leaders, ready to take up our more senior roles and with the right type of leadership skills and behaviours for the new and changing environment that characterises the health and social care sector.

In response to this, the NHS has changed the way in which talent management is approached and practiced within the health and social care sector.

The foundations have been laid through the creation of the national leadership development framework Developing People: Improving Care (DP:IC) which was published on 1 December 2016, and which sets out five conditions for success.

One of these is to equip leaders to develop high quality health and care systems in partnership, collaborating with partners across boundaries to achieve system goals.

Another is to ensure compassionate, inclusive and effective leaders at all levels.

The Regional Talent Board – the first of its kind in the country – aims to bring these conditions to life.

The board first met formally in March 2017, and since then it has been developing Aspire Together’s programme of work.

Find out more about how their work is progressing and details of all of the partners involved.