Specialised Commissioning Health Inequalities Strategy

The potential for specialised commissioning services in helping to reduce health inequalities are not always recognised fully.

The Specialised Commissioning Joint Committees for both East and West Midlands, and NHS England Midlands, have worked in partnership to develop this strategy with the aim of helping to address such perceptions and support commissioners to design and deliver services that maximise equity of outcome for patients.

This strategy highlights some of the existing inequalities within services, and recommends approaches to tackling them that are aligned to principles within existing national NHS planning guidance:

  1. Restore NHS services inclusively
  2. Mitigate against digital exclusion
  3. Ensure datasets are complete and timely
  4. Accelerate preventative programmes
  5. Strengthen leadership and accountability

Finally, the strategy also highlights tools that can support its implementation, including a framework that has been specifically developed for addressing health inequalities within specialised services.

If you have any questions about this strategy, please contact: midlandshealthcarepublichealth@nhs.net

View the strategy

Word: Specialised Commissioning (Acute and Pharmacy) Health Inequalities Strategy – FINAL 1.0

PDF: Specialised Commissioning (Acute and Pharmacy) Health Inequalities Strategy – FINAL PDF 1.0