Mohan-pal Singh Chandan

Mohan-pal Singh Chandan@NHS from 26/08/19 to 30/08/19

Twitter handle: @MohanpalSinghC

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  Staff

Condition or job title: GP

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Modality Partnership

I’m a GP working to serve the community in inner-city Birmingham to the best of my ability. I think that healthcare works best when it is based on care, compassion, humility and an appreciation of the “big picture”. I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Whilst treating the effects of illness is important, it is doubly important to attempt to treat the causes of illnesses. To put this into practice, last year I ran a “lifestyle medicine” clinic where people had a chance to explain what mattered to them about their health, and then get help with that through targeted lifestyle measures, social prescribing, and health coaching. The experience was transformative for the people who came and for me as a doctor. If we can treat people with unwavering, ever-deepening compassion and respect, and work to help them with what really matters to them, we will have achieved something great.

Aside from the lifestyle medicine clinic I also run group consultations for people with Type 2 Diabetes and these have been very successful, including a few people who have put their disease into “remission”. That is an incredible personal achievement for them and shows how powerful group support can be. I have also gained additional qualifications and experience to run a community respiratory clinic, another passion of mine because I feel that respiratory health is an area in which we can make big improvements. Recently I’ve started working to integrate social prescribing into our Primary Care Network which is another exciting part of my job.

During weekdays, I currently spend two days working as a GP, one day working as a GP with Special Interest in Respiratory Medicine, one day working towards a Master’s degree, and one day with family.