New care model events

Vanguard showcase events

January 2018

Event: Symphony Programme – Showcase Event
When: 25 January 2018
Where: Yeovil District Hospital, Higher Kingston, Yeovil.  BA21 4AT

We are offering a series of Open Events for other NHS providers, vanguard sites and employees from key NHS healthcare organisations to share best practice, talk through our journey so far and our plans for the future.

Each open event will feature key staff who have been instrumental in developing and leading the different workstreams from within our vanguard site and will offer an opportunity to ask questions, share your own learning and explore opportunities for future development.


December 2017

Event:  Risk Stratification Webinar
7 December, 12.00pm

Join Geraint Lewis, Chief Data Officer for NHS England, along with Service Development Facilitator, John Quinn and GP James Bell from All Together Better Sunderland vanguard as they discuss their approach to risk stratification for direct care and planning. The group will discuss the benefits and challenges they have encountered throughout this important process and answer your questions during the webinar.

Event: Technology Enabled Care (TECS) Benefits Realisation Model – How can it work for you?
When: 13 December, 2.00 – 3.00pm
Where: Webinar (password: tech)

The Technology Enabled Care Services tool has been developed to provide an interactive platform to conduct exploratory analyses assessing the potential return on investment and assist building an economic case for Technology Enabled Care Service (TECS).

TECS encompass many different types of technologies used in a health and care context and there is often overlap between the definitions used. The tool has been designed with the following intervention categories in mind:

  • Telehealth (the remote monitoring of a patient’s health status and its use to vary or personalise care)
  • Telecare (the placing of healthcare technologies such as monitors, sensors, and communication devices, in the patient’s home)
  • Telemedicine (the use of remote consultation to deliver care at a distance from the health care provider)
  • Telecoaching and related approaches (the provision of advice or talking therapy ‘at a distance’)
  • Self-care apps (software provided on mobile devices which aims to support the delivery of treatment or preventive care)

Given the plethora and diversity of different TECS, this tool has been designed to assist you in applying your own bespoke data regarding the TEC service of your interest to your own specific setting and population.  The tool is prepopulated with data from various sources and contains several of the necessary calculations to estimate the magnitude of the potential benefits that could be realised from a TEC service. The tool allows the user to save data, giving the potential for comparison of different TECS against a common baseline. The tool presents the data inputs, assumptions and output of exploratory analyses within a draft report which may be edited and then saved as a PDF (which then may be appended to a business case as required).

The webinar will give a high level demo of the tool to familiarise potential end users of the tool with its layout and functionality.

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January 2018

Event: Engaging with your local population about data
When: 10 January 2018, 12pm
Where: Webinar

Data saves lives. Data sharing and transparency is integral to the future of new models of care within the NHS. Wendy Harrison, Deputy Head of Corporate Information Governance for NHS England, will lead you in exploring the legalities, issues and moral challenges surrounding patient data access and control. Learn about the risks and benefits of Information Governance, why engagement with the public is so important, how we engage, and how data is used.

February 2018

Event: Gamification
When: 7 February 2018, 12pm
Where: Webinar

What is Gamification, how does it work and how is it used? Gamification has the potential to significantly impact health services and the general public. Join Managing Partner of Soho Strategy, David Wilkinson, and Cheshire and Merseyside’s Digital Innovation Lead, Richard Harding for an introduction to the history and usage of Gamification, its challenges, and how this technological innovation can improve health and wellbeing.

Event: Linked data sets for planning
When: 28 February 2018, 12pm
Where: Webinar

What are data sets? How do you address data quality issues and what kinds of population health analytics are being performed on the data sets? These are just some of the key questions this discussion will explore.  Join Andi Orlowski, Senior Analytical Advisor to the new care models programme, to see what an ideal data set looks like and how data sets aid organisations and their clinicians to better understand their population’s health.