Establish a maternity dashboard to support improvement and multi-professional working


The project will implement and evaluate a standardised maternity dashboard of quality indicators to give the Local Maternity System (LMS) an improved ability to compare maternity service clinical indicators and outcomes for quality improvement across the network.


The project will deliver a standardised maternity dashboard of quality indicators which covers all of the region’s providers, which aligns to the ongoing national work to develop a maternity dashboard, and which will provide information that will be used to;

  • support evidence-based commissioning
  • support evidence-based service improvement
  • support regional service benchmarking & best practice sharing
  • improve outcomes for service users & carers

Role of the NWC SCN

Establish a pan-regional working group that includes IT, Performance and Clinical Leads to agree a set of local indicators that align with the emerging national dashboard work and establish a mechanism for the collection, review and dissemination of the dashboard’s indicators. The Network’s Maternity Clinical Experts Group will use the data to identify variation across the NWC SCN footprint and make recommendations for improvement within the LMS.

Partners and associates in this work

Maternity Clinical Expert Group, All maternity providers, Northwest Neonatal Network, Public Health England, Health & Wellbeing Boards, NHS England (The Maternity Review and Women’s Health Acute Medical Directorate), National Maternity Transformation Programme Team.

Summary of project plan

Main activities and milestones:


  • Close out the dashboard pilot work and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Continue with data collection and dissemination (particularly within Lancashire & South Cumbria).
  • Benchmark the two current regional dashboards to identify differences and similarities.


  • Reconcile the differences between the two regional dashboards to deliver a single, consistent regional maternity dashboard of quality indicators (which includes perinatal mental health).
  • Establish a working group of Operational and Clinical Leaders who will engage with providers to implement the collection and submission of the monthly data returns.
  • Collate and analyse regional data returns for dissemination within the LMS via the Maternity Clinical Experts Group.


  • Collate and analyse regional data returns for dissemination within the LMS via the Maternity Clinical Experts Group.
  • Align the regional dashboard with the ongoing work to develop a national maternity dashboard.


  • Publish an annual report collating the data collected to date.
  • Use the data collected through the dashboard to inform the SCN work plans for 2017/2018.