Adult, children and young people’s mental health and dementia

Our Mental Health, Dementia and CYP CAMHS Network strives to improve outcomes for people with poor mental health, dementia or neurological conditions. Specific work programmes will help to achieve this and include:

  • Improving early diagnosis of dementia and providing post diagnostic support in an appropriate setting
  • Providing standardised and transferable training for all staff working with patients with dementia and raising awareness of dementia with the general public
  • Improving support for dementia carers, including a better crisis response service
  • Responding promptly to, and managing, acute crisis mental health episodes to support the needs of patients, their carers and families
  • Making sure that the care and treatment for children and young people within mental health services meet their needs
  • Empowering people with neurological conditions around decisions made about their care and treatment.

Our activity

As a network we work with a wide range of health professionals, charities, voluntary organisations and members of the public to improve outcomes for people with mental health, dementia, neurological and what can often be very complex conditions. Our recent and ongoing activity includes:
  • Developing a new pathway to improve the quality of life for patients with depression to include an online depression network and support though social media, e-learning and innovative technology
  • Developing an improved dementia care pathway, using events and other activities to ensure people with dementia and their carers can influence decisions
  • Ensuring patients with schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and other psychoses receive regular reviews and prevention advice appropriate to their age, gender and health status
  • Improving access to psychological therapies to support people with anxiety and depression earlier and reduce the onset of more serious medical conditions.