New care model events

Browse upcoming events where you can come and meet members of the new care models team.  You will also be able to learn more about the vanguards by attending their open days; further details of these days and registration can be found below.

September 2017

Event: Health and Care Innovation Expo 2017
When: 11 to 12 September
Where: Manchester Central, Manchester

View the agenda for this conference.

The new care models programme will be one of four featured zones at the conference.  It will explore the changing face of care and how organisations are finding innovative ways to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local populations. Featuring contributions from new care models vanguards, sustainability and transformation partnerships (STP) and other models of care, this zone is dedicated to doing things differently and doing them better.

The zone will offer delegates an opportunity to meet vanguards, STPs and others informally in a marketplace of ‘booths’ to explore key areas which are central to reshaping the way care is delivered and improving lives.  The themes of these booths are:

  • Harnessing technology and using digital innovation to transform care models and systems.
  • Primary care home (PCH) will be using one of our booths to showcase the work they have been doing on both days.
  • Effective public and patient engagement at times of change.
  • What do new models of care and STPs mean for GPs and practice managers?
  • Working together under one roof – building teams from across organisational boundaries.
  • Empowering patients to self-care and motivating communities to control their own health and wellbeing.
  • Acute care: redesigning acute services/what does the change mean for the acute sector.
  • Working together for older people – this session could focus on one geographical region where they have improved care for older people across the vanguard and STP.
  • Collective leadership.
  • Effective staff engagement through transformation and empowering staff to lead change locally.
  • Accountable care systems.
  • System led session with a vanguard and STP from the same region showing best practice.
  • National learning from the local evaluation of new care models.
  • Information governance – fact over fiction and successful routes to sharing and using data.

Delegates will also be able to hear various vanguards speaking at six different pop-up university sessions, all taking place on the first day of the conference.  Further details on these sessions, including the speakers, can be found on the pop-up university section of the Expo website.

  • 11 September, 4.00pm . New care models – multispecialty community providers (MCP), integrated primary and acute care systems (PACS), enhanced health in care homes and acute care collaborations (ACC) delivering change
  • 11 September, 12.00pm . Adapting and adopting the learning from the enhanced health in care home vanguards for the future
  • 11 September, 3.00pm . Collaborative leadership: enabling new care models and sustainability and transformation partnerships
  • 11 September, 12.00pm . Effective team design in new care models – developing the climate and behaviours for success.
  • 11 September, 10.00am . From five to 15,000 and more – staff involvement delivering a difference
  • 11 September, 2.00pm . Population Health Analytics – Generating New Insights from Integrated Datasets

The STP team also hosting five of their own pop-up university sessions, spread over the two days.  All of the session titles and times can be found below, with further details on these sessions available on the pop-up university section of the Expo website.

  • 11 September, 10.00am. How to talk about service change.
  • 11 September, 11.00am. Learning the lessons from the Independent Reconfiguration Panel.
  • 11 September, 4.00pm. Working with the Voluntary Sector.
  • 12 September, 12.00pm. Are the NHS and local government serious about working together?
  • 12 September, 1.00pm. The Importance of clinical engagement and how to do it

You will also be able to hear from the programme director, Louise Watson, who will be accompanied on stage by Sir Sam Everington and others on a session entitled: Staff and patients delivering new care models.

The session will take place on 12 September, starting at 10.00am on the Innovation Stage.

The sustainability and transformation partnerships team are also speaking on the Future NHS stage on 11 September, starting at 2.00pm, with a session entitled: Leading system change – What does it takes to be a good accountable care system?

Further details for both of these main stage sessions, along with all of the others that will be delivered over the two days can be found on the Expo website.

EventBetter Together Vanguard Sharing Event
When: 19 September
Where: Everyday Champions Centre, Newark-on-Trent, NG24 2AG

Opportunity to see how the Better Together vanguard is implementing the Five Year Forward View in mid-Nottinghamshire. This interactive event will showcase some of the innovative projects being delivered by the mid-Nottinghamshire Better Together Alliance.

Health and social care professionals, members of the public and anyone with an interest are welcome to attend.

Event: UK Health Show
When: 27 September
Where: Olympia, London

View the agenda for this conference. The new care models programme will have a stand at the conference, allowing delegates the opportunity to drop in and pick up useful information and talk to members of the team.

You will also be able to hear from the programme director, Louise Watson, who will be accompanied on stage by Dr Amanda Sullivan, Chief Officer, NHS Mansfield and Ashford CCG and NHS Newark and Sherwood CCG on a session entitled:  How far has the system come in designing and implementing the right business models to support NCMs?

The session will take place on 12 September, starting at 9.45am in the New Models of Care Theatre.

October 2017

Event: Royal College of GPs Annual Primary Care Conference
When: 12 to 14 October
Where: Liverpool

Event: Best Practice – National Association of Primary Care Annual Conference
When: 18 to 19 October
Where: Birmingham

Event: South Somerset Symphony Programme Open Event
When: Friday 27 October
Where: Yeovil District Hospital

November 2017

Event: NHS Clinical Commissioners national members event
When: 2 November
Where: Venue details TBC

If you have any questions about these events, please contact the team on or visit the website for further information.