Oversight of NHS-controlled providers

Guidance on our oversight approach to organisations controlled by NHS trusts and/or NHS foundation trusts, and delivering significant amounts of services for the NHS.

The NHS provider licence is a key part of our regulatory and oversight system. Following consultation, and as new care models and joint ventures become more common, we are introducing a new licence condition for NHS-controlled providers.

These are providers that:

  • are not themselves NHS trusts or NHS foundation trusts
  • hold a provider licence
  • are ultimately controlled by one or more NHS trusts and/or foundation trusts, where ‘control’ is defined on the basis of IFRS 10
If you think you meet the criteria set out above or control an organisation in a way that meets the criteria, please email nhsi.nhscontrolledproviders@nhs.net as you will need to apply for the NHS controlled provider licence.

Oversight of NHS-controlled providers: guidance

We will oversee NHS-controlled providers in a way that is proportionate and will keep our oversight approach under review to ensure it remains appropriate and fit for purpose.

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