NHS Oversight Framework 2022/23

The NHS oversight framework for 2022/23 replaces the NHS system oversight framework for 2021/22, which described NHS England and NHS Improvement’s approach to oversight of integrated care boards (ICBs) and trusts.

This framework outlines NHS England’s approach to NHS oversight for 2022/23 and is aligned with the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the 2022/23 NHS operational planning and contracting guidance. It also reflects the significant changes enabled by the Health and Care Act 2022 including the formal establishment of integrated care boards and the merging of NHS Improvement (comprising of Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority) into NHS England.

The framework describes how the oversight of NHS trusts, foundation trusts and integrated care boards will operate. This supports our ambition for system-led delivery of integrated care in line with the direction of travel set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, Integrating care: next steps to building strong and effective integrated care systems across England and the government’s white paper on integration – Joining up care for people, places and populations.

Oversight metrics

A set of oversight metrics has been published, applicable to integrated care boards, NHS trusts and foundation trusts, to support implementation of the framework. These will be used to indicate potential issues and prompt further investigation of support needs and align with the five national themes of the NHS oversight Framework: quality of care, access and outcomes; preventing ill health and reducing inequalities; people; finance and use of resources; and leadership and capability.