Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service account types and who they are for

In most large provider organisations, such as NHS trusts, staff will continue to record patient safety events on to their organisation’s local risk management system (LRMS) which will then upload directly to the new national Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service (previously called PSIMS) – once local systems have been upgraded to LFPSE compliant software.

Organisations without a LRMS, and their staff, will need to register for a LFPSE account before they can access the system and begin to record patient safety events. This is done via the Learn from patient safety events online service.

Once registered, you will be able to request upgrades to your account type. To help you chose the right one, we have listed details of each account type below.

Please note, commissioners wishing to see patient safety events submitted by primary care require either an organisational or admin account, depending on if they are also responsible for approving other enhanced users within their CCG (admin account only).

Standard account

A standard account is suitable for the majority of users, and provides the ability to:

  • Submit patient safety events
  • Save drafts of patient safety events to be accessed and completed later
  • Access patient safety events already completed by that user, to review or amend the details.

Standard account users can only see the events they have themselves drafted or submitted.

Organisational account

An organisational account is suitable for users who have responsibilities for reviewing, updating or overseeing patient safety events completed by any user within their organisation. These are likely to be individuals working in the patient safety or risk management teams, where they exist, or other individuals with responsibilities for monitoring or responding to patient safety events in their organisation or wider area of responsibility, or quality assuring the information provided by the people creating the initial records.

An organisational account provides the same abilities as a standard account, plus the ability to:

  • Search for, review and update records of patient safety events submitted by any user within their organisation or wider area of responsibility
  • See who within the organisation or wider area of responsibility has submitted and updated the record, but only view anonymised free text, with names and other identifiers redacted from the event descriptions
  • Complete a review of an event record.

Admin account

Admin accounts have the widest access to functions and responsibility within the system. Admin accounts are designed to be used by people within an organisation who have responsibilities for the highest level of oversight of patient safety events, including the authorisation to declare Never Events and Serious Incidents, responsibility for ensuring statutory reporting requirements are met, and the ability to approve account access for other users within their organisation or patch.

An admin account provides the same abilities as an organisational account, plus the ability to:

  • Complete statutory and national policy reporting and response requirements for all events submitted within their organisation.
  • Approve and reject requests for organisational access and admin accounts from users within their organisation.

Each organisation might decide to approve more than one admin user, to split responsibilities for account management and event oversight between different individuals.