Just culture case profiles

As part of our work to encourage and support organisations to use our Just culture guide we are curating case examples highlighting approaches organisations are following to make their culture fairer and safer. We will continue to add more examples to this page as they become available.

Case profiles

Mersey Care: Just and learning culture central to improving care: A case profile on the work Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust are doing to put a just culture in place across their organisation.

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust: A case study on the work of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to adopt a just culture guide to help reduce variability in how managers respond to staff involved in a patient safety incident.

Insights from NHS trusts with best staff survey results for just culture

To support organisations to achieve a just culture, we sought insights on what should be considered from clinical leaders at trusts across all sectors whose staff say they are treated fairly. Using the 2017 NHS Staff Survey we identified organisations from each sector with the highest percentage of staff that responded positively to the question “My organisation treats staff who are involved in an error, near miss or incident fairly”.

Insights from our ‘Just culture in practice’ focus group: Feedback from organisations on how they are achieving a just culture.

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