New: 31 March 2022 closing date for applications for the 2019/20 pensions annual allowance charge compensation scheme (2019/20 PAACCS)

Secondary care and dental services

Secondary care and dental clinicians are reminded that applications for the 2019/20 PAACCS should be made by 31 March 2022.

31 March 2022 is also the closing date for submitting a voluntary scheme pays election to NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) for 2019/20. This can be an estimate where you don’t yet have the final information. Your estimated scheme pays can be updated at any point prior to 31 July 2024.

Primary care clinicians

GPs are submitting their 2019/20 PAACCS application forms via Primary Care Support England (PCSE) and the third application window closes for them on 11 February 2022. This is to allow PCSE time to process the forms submitted before 31 March 2022. Applications received after 11 February 2022 will be held by PCSE and batch processed at a later date. More information on timings for this will be published when they are confirmed.

GPs are also encouraged to check whether they have any missing end of year certificates for previous years. This is important as Pensions Online won’t be up to date if there are any missing certificates and this will prevent a pension savings statement being issued, and your ability to confirm whether or not you should apply for the 2019/20 PAACCS.  This can be easily checked by logging on to your PCSE Online account.

Late applications

Late applications will be accepted where through no fault of their own clinicians have not yet received a pensions savings statement for 2019/20. They will be able to submit their application for six months after receiving their pension savings statement. If a clinician is submitting their form late, they should follow the current instructions regarding authorisation of their application, which are outlined on the application form.