Patient stories

Helen and Karl’s story – Karl, 23, has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Since receiving a PHB 18 months ago, he is a changed man. He went from feeling depressed, as though he was a burden to society to finding a renewed spring in his step and discovering an appreciation for life.

Martin’s wheelchair story – Martin was unhappy with his wheelchair, which caused him discomfort and was not suitable for his outdoor pursuits. He worked with commissioners on a personal care and support plan, then applied for a personal wheelchair budget which enabled him to combine funding to cover the cost of adaptions that met his health and care needs. The new wheelchair has exceeded his expectations, enabling him to ‘do more, independently’.

Declan’s story – Declan relied on two carers for all moving and handling needs. He also relied heavily on his mum for support, and had little independence. As he approached his 18th birthday, they decided to apply for a personal health budget to get greater choice and control of his care.  Declan’s confidence grew, he started to attend college independently, has learned to drive and has had fewer trips to hospital. This has in turn helped his mum’s health and wellbeing.

Jackie and Kingston’s story – Jackie’s personal health budget pays for her assistance dog Kingston, who helps manage her physical disabilities and emotional wellbeing. He has given her a new lease of life as well as saving the NHS money.

Laura’s story – After 18 months of unsuccessful psychotherapy, Laura, 23, now has a flexible support package thanks to her personal health budget, which helps her effectively manage her mental health problems.

Lily’s story – After many years living with mental distress, a personal health budget has given Lily the chance to explore what really works to avoid the crises and hospital stays that she’s experienced in the past.

Janice’s story – As someone living with sensory, physical and mental health needs,a personal health budget has enabled Janice to consider her needs as a whole, as well as considering how her health impacts on her whole family.

Thomas and David’s story – Thomas Johnston, from Worcestershire, has profound and multiple learning disabilities. A personal health budget was used to fund 24/7 care and support for Thomas at an independent annex adjacent to his parents’ home. Thomas’s father David explains how the positive healthcare benefits for his son have been significant.

Katie and Karen’s story – Katie MacKenzie, aged 26 and from Hull, has Rett Syndrome and is dependent on others for all daily living. A personal health budget was used to recruit specific personal assistants for Katie. This brought health and wellbeing benefits to Katie, explains her mother Karen.

Marion and Charles’ story – Charles, from Kent, is severely ill with a movement disorder. His wife (and main carer) Marion explains how a personal health budget enables them to have a few hours a week of respite care, which benefits them both.

Katy and Jackie’s story – Katy Tyler lives in Dorset with her parents. She has profound learning disabilities with complex health needs. She needs support 24 hours per day for seven days a week. Katy’s personal health budget was used to prevent her moving into permanent residential care, and to pay for person-centred care at home. Katy’s health, including psychological wellbeing, weight and vulnerability to infections, has improved dramatically, says Katy’s mother, Jackie.

Shaheena and Ishtiaq’s story – Ishtiaq Hussain, aged 59, from Manchester, suffered cerebral damage from a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage, nine years ago. A personal health budget was used to employ a rota of seven personal assistants and buy essential equipment. As a result Ishtiaq’s health wellbeing has improved significantly.

Debbie and Brian’s story – Debbie, from Doncaster, used a personal health budget to organise flexible nursing care at her home after her father, Brian, became immobile and needed 24/7 care after a series of strokes.

Anita and Trevor’s story – Trevor, 59, from Hull, explains why a personal health budget enabled his wife Anita, 56, who has the degenerative condition Huntington’s Disease, to employ carers and so provide desperately-needed support for both of them.

John’s story – John, aged 51 and from Lincolnshire, is a skilled engineer. He was left paraplegic after a motorcycle accident. John uses his personal health budget to pay for mechanical parts so he can build high-specification customised power wheelchairs for himself, to help avoid muscle spasms and to maintain his active lifestyle.

Pat’s story – Pat, 64, from Birmingham, uses her personal health budget to make significant improvements to her health and wellbeing. To manage her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) she bought an exercise bike which she also shares with her COPD support group.

Robyn’s story – A personal health budget has given Robyn control of her life and allowed her to start living again for the first time since her spinal injury.

Dylan’s story – Flexible funding gave Dylan his independence and provided on-going savings.

Charlotte and Tom’s story – Following a difficult and often negative relationship with the care they had separately received for Muscular Dystrophy, the arrival of a personal health budget, first for Charlotte and then for Tom, and now as a joint venture, has entirely changed their lives.