Primary Care Support (PCS) Services

Note: On 1st July 2022, integrated care systems (ICSs) took over statutory commissioning responsibilities in England, and CCGs were closed down. You can learn more about integrated care systems (ICSs) here.

On 1 September 2015, Capita took on responsibility for the delivery of NHS England’s primary care support (PCS) services. The name for the service is Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

PCSE delivers digital, logistical and support services to every GP, Dentist, Optician and Pharmacist providing NHS services in England. Such services used to be provided by multiple bodies locally and PCSE is providing an accessible, modern and efficient service at a national level.

PCSE provide support services such as ordering medical supplies, tracking medical records, maintaining the Performers Lists for England and processing General Ophthalmic Service (GOS) payments. These services are all hosted on PCSE’s online platform, PCSE Online.

Not all PCS services are delivered by Capita, and some services will continue to be delivered by other organisations, including Commissioning Support Units, ICSs, NHS Shared Business Services.

Please visit the PCSE website for more information on available services and latest updates.