Service provision FAQs

Clarification on activities performed by Capita Primary Care Support England teams

Q: I’m a little unsure exactly which services are now provided by PCS England. Where can I find the answer?

A: PCS England provides exactly the same services as were provided by PCS Services when they were part of NHS England. There are three documents that have been produced to help you navigate what can be a complex area:

  1. Below are the most frequently asked questions about service provision.
  2. See a summary of the services provided by PCS England and a note of who else provides services in this area.
  3. See a more comprehensive list of all services delivered by PCS England.
  • Prescription eligibility checks: PCS England role: PCSE provides the data required for NHSE to do this. Others’ role: NHSE local team perform the checks using data provided by PCSE
  • Providing admin support to Market Entry panels: PCS England role: PCSE provides the completed application/checks to the NHSE local team and informs the applicant of the outcome of the application. Others’ role: NHSE local team provide this admin support to the committee panels.
  • Dental Payments OnLine work – attaching contracts, making dentistry payments, performer earnings and UDA: PCS England role: PCSE sets the performer up on POL on inclusion to the list. PCSE do this on receipt of the application – this does not wait until the application process is complete. Others’ role: All other POL activity sits with the NHSE team. Payment is included in the payment run undertaken by the BSA. Payments functionality transferred from PCSE to local NHSE teams prior to the transfer to Capita. All queries in respect of payments should be directed to the relevant local NHSE team.
  • Miscellaneous finance requests: PCS England role: PCSE only make the payments defined in the national GMS and PMS contract documentation. PCSE provides information to support reconciliation and audit.
  • Hard copy drug tariffs for GPs: PCS England role: Drug tariffs continue to be provided to pharmacy and dispensing GP practices.
  • Redirection of clinical notes: Others’ role: Practices should return the notes to sender. Jill Matthews wrote to all Caldicott Guardians in NHSE in May 2015, confirming liaison with NHSE IG, the BMA and RCGP on this matter.
  • Providing Public Health departments with data: PCS England role: Providing data to support audit or incident investigation is in scope. Others’ role: Providing data to support a targeted campaign is not in scope. The source of this data will depend on each campaign – you may need to approach schools, practices, clinics, colleges, universities, playgroups, community groups, Hospitals, libraries etc
  • PPV visits: PCS England role: PCSE will provide data on request to the NHSE local office in advance of PPV meetings. Others’ role: PCSE does not attend PPV visits.