A GP’s diary of quality improvement August 2017

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Farzana Hussain, a GP who participated in the General Practice Improvement Leaders programme, shares her quality improvement journey.


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It’s been a busy August for Farzana with trying to manage a host of meetings, children’s school holidays, whilst keeping the day job of being a GP going. This month she’s used her quality improvement knowledge and skills:

  • in her role as a board director at her local GP federation to encourage conversations with different partners around accountable care systems, so all work together with a shared purpose of improving the patient’s journey
  • to tackle the number of DNAs the practice’s travel vaccine service was experiencing. Two hours of a nurse’s 20 hour week was being lost through 12 DNAs per week, after a process mapping exercise with the whole practice team DNAs have now reduced to one per week and in some weeks zero.

For more information visit Building capability for improvement webpage.

Region: London