Leading Change, Adding Value: A framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff

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Leading Change, Adding Value is a framework for all nursing, midwifery and care staff. An easy read document is also available.


‘Leading Change, Adding Value’ builds upon ‘Compassion in Practice’ and is directly aligned with the ‘Five Year Forward View’ and its vision to integrate health and social care services, improve the adoption of preventative measures and narrow three crucial gaps in:

  • Health and wellbeing: A greater focus on prevention is needed to enable health improvements to continue and to counter pressure on services
  • Care and quality: Health needs will go unmet unless we reshape care, harness technology and address
    variations in quality and safety
  • Funding and efficiency: Without efficiencies, a shortage of resources will hinder care services and progress

We have opportunities and responsibilities to make a difference in narrowing these gaps no matter where we work. What is important is that we understand where we need to align our efforts to undertake activities that are of high value. Throughout this framework we use the terminology ‘we’ and ‘our’ to represent all nursing, midwifery and care staff wherever we work and whatever role we do.