Multispecialty community provider (MCP) financial strategy

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A draft version of the MCP Contract was published in December 2016, together with a set of supporting documents that provide additional information. Feedback was invited on these until 20 January 2017. Although the documents concern the MCP model, many of the principles are transferable to other new models of care.


The objective of an MCP is to dissolve the divides that exist between services provided by different parts of the health and care system, providing an integrated, holistic and person-centred model of care to a whole population. To facilitate this, budgets will be combined wherever possible to allow for more flexible allocation of resource, directed towards the areas in which the funds will have the greatest impact on population health care.


The MCP payment approach comprises three elements:

  • ‘Whole Population Budget’ (WPB), a single payment made to the MCP entity
  • ‘Improvement Payment Scheme’ (IPS) to incentivise improvements in care quality, outcomes and transformation
  • ‘Gain/loss share agreement’ to align financial incentives across services provided for the MCP population, including those in acute settings.

Read the document for more detail.