Agency rules: list of approved framework agreements for all staff

January 2022

From 1 April 2016, trusts subject to the agency rules are required to procure all agency staff (nurses, doctors, other clinical and non-clinical staff) via framework agreements that have been approved by NHS England.

The following framework agreements are approved based on applications received and reviewed against the conditions set out for framework operators by NHS England.

We will continue to review applications on an ongoing basis and communicate outcomes to trusts. These approved framework agreements are a vehicle for enabling trusts to comply with price caps and support the agency rules.

Approved framework agreements

The following framework agreements have been approved by NHS England and NHS Improvement for 2022.

  • HealthTrust Europe: Total Workforce Solutions ll.
    • Permanent recruitment solutions (Lot 1a and 1b)
    • Fully managed service: bank and agency (Lot 2a)
    • Agency staffing services – all healthcare professionals (Lots 3a, 3b and 3c)
    • Agency staffing services – non-clinical staffing (4a and 4b)
  • Workforce Alliance: RM6158 – Flexible Resource Pool – Staff Bank
  • Workforce Alliance: RM6160 – Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff
  • Workforce Alliance: RM6161 – Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing
  • Workforce Alliance: RM6162 – International Recruitment of Clinical Healthcare Professionals

These framework operators have committed to delivering framework agreements that fully embed the price caps against the conditions set out in the framework operator guidance published in February 2017 in line with the agency rules.

We will update this list when these framework agreements expire, are superseded by new agreements and/or additional agreements are approved.

Next steps

We encourage all trusts to contact the framework operators listed above to discuss the approved framework agreements.

Agencies can also contact the framework operators to discuss use and accessibility, including opportunities to join new framework agreements.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a framework operator, please contact in the first instance.

Contact details

The framework operators can be contacted on: