CCG outcomes indicator set

The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set provides clear, comparative information for CCGs, Health and Wellbeing Boards, local authorities, patients and the public about the quality of health services commissioned by CCGs and the associated health outcomes. The indicators are useful for CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards in identifying local priorities for quality improvement and to demonstrate progress that local health systems are making on outcomes.

CCG Outcomes Indicator Set measures are developed from NHS Outcomes Framework indicators that can be measured at clinical commissioning group level together with additional indicators developed by NICE and the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

All of the CCG outcomes indicators have been chosen on the basis that they contribute to the overarching aims of the five domains in the NHS Outcomes Framework. The Indicator Set does not in itself set thresholds or levels of ambition for CCGs, it is intended as a tool for CCGs to drive local improvement and set priorities.

CCG Outcomes Indicator Set 2015/16