High Intensity User Programme

This scheme has saved my life – I don’t recognise the person I was then.

Service user

The High Intensity User (HIU) service (first launched in Blackpool) offers a robust way of reducing frequent user activity primarily to A&E and non-elective admissions but can also contribute to reducing other avoidable unscheduled care contacts. This resource pack provides support for systems on setting up a High Intensity User service. October 2018.

The NHS RightCare High Intensity User resource pack is currently being updated. For queries regarding the programme please email rightcare@nhs.net.

In 2019/20, NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance set out that all health systems in England must implement a High Intensity User service. This video, produced with four existing implementers of NHS RightCare’s High Intensity User programme share their experiences and considerations that may be of interest to other systems looking to set up a service.

For more information, please contact rightcare@nhs.net in the first instance.