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NHS RightCare data and evidence provides a set of resource to support systems to concentrate their improvement efforts where there is greatest opportunity to address variation and improve population health. Data packs NHS RightCare data packs are produced at system level. As many health conditions are linked to demographic factors such as deprivation and age, […]

The need for reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability and diabetes

The prevalence rates of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes were identified to be higher in people with a learning disability compared to the general population. Higher rates of obesity were also seen in people with a learning disability compared to those without. The above risks can be reduced by greater understanding of the […]

NHS RightCare Pathway: Diabetes

NHS RightCare, in partnership with the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) today publishes NHS RightCare Pathway: Diabetes. This pathway has been developed in collaboration with the National Clinical Director for Diabetes and Obesity at NHS England and Associate National Director for Diabetes, the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, Public Health England, Diabetes UK […]

A tale of two halves – Professor Matthew Cripps

The National Director for NHS RightCare looks at what overuse and underuse mean for people and patients; and how they are tackled for the benefit of the person, patient, taxpayer and the NHS: Overuse and underuse are two of the key themes underpinning the NHS RightCare programme implemented across all Clinical Commissioning Groups Sustainability and […]

What is NHS RightCare?

Preparing for 2019/20 Operational Planning and Contracting NHS RightCare features in the 2019/20 Operational Planning and Contracting guidance which covers system planning, the financial settlement, operational plan requirements (for primary care, workforce, data and technology) and the process and timescales around the submission of plans: “All systems will work with the NHS RightCare programme to […]