Embedding SDM in NHS care: resources developed by Capita

Embedding Shared Decision Making: A Resource Pack for Commissioners

The resource pack for commissioners outlines the steps to embedding Shared Decision Making across the local health economy. Capita tested the resource pack on the ground with commissioners, including Clinical Commissioning Groups, who focussed on developing a Shared Decision Making approach across their health economy. It aims to provide practical advice and support, and recommends that appropriate people are needed to support the implementation of change. For the approach to be successful, it is vital to have a clinical lead with commitment to the principles of Shared Decision Making and influence across the health system.

Embedding Shared Decision Making in routine commissioning systems and processes

This report describes the activities and progress made since January 2012 in embedding shared decision making (SDM) within routine commissioning systems and processes. The Capita group recruited two local health economies and worked closely with them to test out the framework and methodology and to effect system change, working with specific clinical pathways (as agreed locally). A number of lessons were identified for future implementation of SDM, and the report includes recommendations for policy makers and commissioners.

Decision Point Maps

To embed Shared Decision Making and Patient Decision Aids (PDAs) into the commissioning processes, a series of decision point maps were produced by Capita. A decision point map is a matrix for a specific clinical pathway, and for each PDA, it identifies the likely relevant patient decision points and the relevant professional, e.g. GPs, secondary care clinicians, midwives, advanced practitioners who will interact with the patient/carer at that point in the pathway.

Measuring Shared Decision Making – A review of research evidence

This report by Capita aimed to complement existing literature and evidence, by focusing on measurement and evidence of implementation of Shared Decision Making in England. It provided a summary of the types of measures that are available, recommendations and a rationale for the suggested approach.

SDM Programme Research Framework and Evidence Baseline

This report includes the evidence baseline that sets out a number of proposed measures that can be used to evaluate the impact of PDAs and SDM more broadly. The research framework used alongside the evidence baseline recommends short, medium and long-term projects that can support the measurement of the impact of SDM going forward.

SDM Programme Herts Valley Case Study

The evaluation of PDA usage in Herts Valley was done to understand how two PDAs may be implemented in general practice as well as the acceptability of the concept of SDM/ PDAs among commissioners, clinicians and patients in a local health economy.

A PowerPoint presentation by Capita to commissioners (May 2012)

Shared Decision Making – a strategic framework for Commissioners