Guidance and resources

Below is a summary of key resources that can support implementation of shared decision making.

Supportive system

Trained teams

Prepared public

  • Ask 3 questions: resources to help increase individuals’ awareness of shared decision making; increase their expectations for a shared decision making consultation; and provide them with a way of taking part in shared decision making.
  • BRAN: Choosing Wisely UK and Association of Medical Royal Colleges campaign to encourage individuals to ask four questions of the doctor or nurse to make better decisions together.
  • Health A-Z: Guides to conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help.

Specific health literacy resources

  • Simplified communication techniques: multiple resources are available to help clear communication between a health and care professional and the person they are caring for. These can all be found in the national health literacy toolkit, hosted on behalf of the system in England, by Health Education England.