ICS Journey

Today there are six Integrated Care Systems (ICS) covering the whole of the South East region:

They grew out of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships – local voluntary partnerships formed in 2016 to develop long-term plans for the future of health and care services in their area. Find out more about the development of ICS. 

Integrated care is about giving people the support they need, joined up across public services including councils, the NHS, and other partners such as the voluntary sector. It removes traditional divisions between hospitals and family doctors, between physical and mental health, and between NHS and council services. In the past, these divisions have meant that too many people experienced disjointed care.

ICSs are part of a fundamental shift in the way the health and care system is organised. The previous emphasis on organisational autonomy, competition and the separation of commissioners and providers has been replaced by collaboration and a focus on places and local populations as the driving forces for improvement. Find out more about the future for ICS.