Information for professionals in South West

The South West primary care dental team is based in different offices but work as a team across the whole of Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, Bristol, Somerset and South Gloucestershire. While members of the team all have particular roles, they provide cross-cover if any of them are away.

Their generic mailbox is monitored daily:

Andrew Harris
Contract Manager
Telephone: 01138 248 808
Office: Exeter

Rachel Coke
Assistant Contract Manager – Dental
Telephone: 01138 253 229
Office: Bristol

Lynn Combes
Primary Care Support Lead – Dental
Telephone: 01138 248 970
Office: St Austell

Sarah McFarlane
Primary Care Support Lead – Dental
Telephone: 01138 248 799
Office: Saltash

Debbie Freeman
Primary Care Support Lead – Dental
Telephone: 01138 253 591
Office: Bristol

Maxine Quantrill
Primary Care Support Lead – Dental
Telephone: 0782 445 1261
Office: Bristol

Fiona Clace
Admin Support – Dental
Telephone: 01138 248 820
Office: Saltash


The Dental Bulletin includes latest news, alerts and guidance from the Area Team, with attachments where necessary.


A range of downloadable forms are available for practices, covering areas such as: Oral Surgery Referral Forms, Contract Allocation Form and Application for Personal Payment under the Statement of Financial Entitlements.


Dental commissioning policies are available from the NHS England website.

Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and translation services are available for practices. These are paid for by NHS England, but require an ID code to access.

Face-to-face interpretation:

  • Cornwall: Jobline
    Staffing Tel: 0800 085 6484
    ID code: 100746
  • Devon: Multilingua
    Tel: 01392 276660 Mobile (24hrs): 07951 948038
    ID code: 100746
  • Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire: Bristol Community Health, Health Links Interpreting Service
    Tel: 01179027115

Telephone interpretation:

  • Language Line
    Tel: 0800 169 2879
    ID code: As supplied to each practice – contact the Dental Team in case of difficulty

BSL interpretation:

  • Cornwall: Hearing Loss Cornwall (formerly Cornwall Deaf Association)
    Tel: 01872 225 868
    ID code: 100746
  • Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire: Action on Hearing Loss
    Tel: 01792324477
    Textphone: 0179232445
    Fax: 01792324422
    SMS: 07537402607

Useful links for primary care dental providers

There are a range of up to date websites and resources containing information on NHS dentistry.

There is also information available for Performer List applications, changes and enquiries.