12 months statistics calendar

This 12 month statistics publication plan for NHS England is updated regularly, to enable statistics users to see what we will be publishing over the year.

NOTE: Publication of the annual 2016/17 Diagnostic Imaging Dataset, originally scheduled for 26th October has been delayed until 23rd November due to technical difficulties.

NOTE: Publication of the 12 week maternal assessment for Q4 2016/17 and Annual Data 2016/17 which was originally scheduled for 26 July 2017 will be delayed due to issues with data coverage.

Proposed 12 month plan for 2018-19 (29 June 2018) (PDF, 510KB)


These are the statistical products covered by the plan:

List of National Statistics and Official Statistics in 2018-19 (13 March 2018) (PDF, 60KB)

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