Workforce deployment systems

Advancing levels of attainment for e-rostering and e-job planning

Achieving the Long Term Plan, People Plan and 22 – 23 Operational Planning Guidance commitments of implementing and advancing the meaningful use of e-rostering and e-job planning software systems continues to be a key priority for NHS England. Having visibility of the clinical workforce enables effective planning and deployment of all staff to optimise service recovery and restoration. E-rostering and e-job planning are key enablers to supporting both staff wellbeing and patient care outcomes, through flexible working and better matching of capacity to demand

This page provides some key policy and guidance documents to support trusts in implementing e-rostering and e-job planning.

The Advancing Levels of Attainment (ALoA) Collaborative – Support offer open to all

To support systems and providers with e-rostering and e-job planning implementation, advancing usage of these software systems and wider workforce optimisation endeavours, NHS England are launching an Advancing Levels of Attainment (ALoA) Collaborative, open to all providers and ICSs to:


Supporting documents

These resources provide guidance on how to procure and develop best-in-class software for e-rostering and e-job planning. We encourage all trusts to read these documents as effective workforce deployment has proved invaluable during the COVID-19 response, which has strongly emphasised the importance of having the right staff with the right skills are in the right place at the right time.

Levels of attainment and meaningful use standards

These documents set out ‘levels of attainment’ in using e-rostering and e-job planning software and are designed to allow trusts to benchmark progress with peers. Each level of attainment is underpinned by ‘meaningful use standards’ which describe the processes and systems trusts need to meet each level of attainment.

In adopting these standards, trusts will feel empowered and assured they have implemented e-rostering and e-job planning software to the fullest potential.

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